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Water Chiller

Water Chiller

The water cooling system is indispensable for induction heating machines. The water chiller produced by Zhengzhou Gou's is small in size, easy to move and operate, and is mainly used for low-power equipment.The water chiller can ensure the safety of the host and increase the service life of the host. Reliable design and operation can reduce the cost of mainframe operation and maintenance.

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Technical parameters of water chiller

Model KC-005 KC-006 KC-008 KC-010 KC-012
Cooling Capacity(kcal/h) 13070 15310 18230 23650 29930
Power Consumption(kw) 4.47 6.30 6.55 8.65 11.05
Working Power 3PH-380V-50HZ 3PH-380V-50HZ 3PH-380V-50HZ 3PH-380V-50HZ 3PH-380V-50HZ
Neight Weight(kg) 170 190 300 320 350

Applications of water chiller

Cool down the induction heating machine to make it work longer

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