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Digital Induction Heating Machine

Digital Induction Heating Machine

The digital induction heating machine power supply produced by Zhengzhou Gou's has great advantages compared with traditional analog circuits. The machine has good anti-interference performance, long service life and low failure rate. Good scalability, rich external interfaces, and strong plasticity are the biggest features of digital induction heating power supplies.

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Advantages of digital induction heating machine

  • Energy saving
    Full digital frequency tracking technology enables IGBT to work at all times zero open state, the inverter power factor always remains above 95%. The composite motherboard structure makes the whole inverter unit need not be absorbed back Road, inverter efficiency is greatly improved.

  • Higher control accuracy
    High design resolution, the control response speed is at high control accuracy the nanosecond level.
  • Better stability
    High repetition accuracy: no power drift will occur in cumulative startup. Good anti-interference performance: the stability of temperature, humidity and power grid voltage is good, and the change will not affect the equipment.
  • Save your money
    It adopts non-control rectifier, inverter to adjust power, simple topology, under the condition of conventional heating, realize the characteristics of fewest devices and simple structure, and effectively control the cost of the whole machine.

Applications of digital induction heating machine

  • Induction heat treatment: partial or overall induction hardening, induction annealing and induction tempering of metal parts such as various auto parts, motorcycles, hardware tools, gears, sprockets, steam and hydraulic parts.

  • Induction forging: overall and partial forging of small workpieces and twist drilling, hot heading and hot rolling.

  • Induction welding: various turning tools, woodworking tools, drill bits, saw blades, steel pipe, copper pipe welding, and same metal welding.

  • Metal induction melting: induction melting and casting of gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other metals.

Video of digital induction heating machine

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