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Screw Quenching Production Line

Screw Quenching Production Line

The screw is a screw similar to a bolt, which is often used in decoration. In the application, the screw needs to withstand a certain tensile strength and friction, and the quenching process of the screw will increase its two properties. Now we have eliminated the old-fashioned heating method and use the screw quenching production line for quenching and tempering. The screw quenching production line mainly consists of ultrasonic quenching equipment, touch operating table, cooling system, incoming and outgoing material storage racks, etc. The screw quenching production line adopts advanced scientific CNC operating system and reliable equipment parts. During the heating process, the heating speed is fast and the workpiece will not be oxidized or deformed. Automatic integrated design, automatic loading and unloading. The infrared thermometer automatically detects online, and the temperature, time and power can be adjusted freely. During quenching, the diameter and length of the tooth bar are adjustable, and the quenching range is large. The CNC console provides centralized control, either manually or automatically.

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Technical parameters of screw quenching production line

Input voltage

Three phase 380V/50-60Hz

Input current


Output power


Output frequency


Load rate


Cooling water pressure


Cooling water flow


Applications of screw quenching production line

  • Quenching: quenching the screw, and can also heat other metal workpieces.

  • Brazing: jewelry, watch welding, fishing tackle, hardware and other products welding.

Video of screw quenching production line

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