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120KW Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine

120KW Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine

The GS-ZP-120 induction heating power supply uses IGBT as the core component. As an intermediate frequency induction heating machine, GS-ZP-120 has an output frequency from 2KHZ to 10KHz and a single machine power of 800kw (3Phases~380v). By using transistor devices with low losses and inverter control technology, the overall efficiency can reach over 95%, and the energy-saving and water-saving effects are significant. High heating temperature, fast speed, short heating time, and uniform heating of metal materials. The surface of the heated object has less oxidation, small deformation of the workpiece, and is non-contact heating, suitable for the application fields of slightly larger workpieces such as steel billet hot forging heating and induction heat treatment.

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Technical parameters of GS-ZP-120 medium frequency induction heating machine

Input voltage

Three phase 380V/50-60Hz

Input current


Output power


Oscillation frequency


Load rate


Cooling water pressure


Cooling water flow


Applications of GS-ZP-120 medium frequency induction heating machine

  • Quenching: suitable for quenching steel bars ranging from 60 to 160mm, with a depth of 3.5-6mm.

  • Heat treatment: quenching and annealing of mechanical metal parts (surface, inner hole, local, overall) such as automotive and motorcycle parts and internal parts.

  • Diathermic forming: round steel with a diameter of less than 100mm, heating the metal material for stretching, shaping, embossing, etc.

  • Melting: 150KG of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc.

Video of GS-ZP-120 medium frequency induction heating machine

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