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100KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

100KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

GP-100 induction heating machine, power 100KW, frequency 30-50KHZ, this equipment has a high thermal conversion rate. Compared with traditional diode heating, IGBT has energy saving, high conversion rate of electric energy into magnetic field, and high thermal efficiency. The heating is uniform and efficient, and can be heated quickly. Compared with other methods, the target temperature that meets the requirements can be reached in seconds. It can be heated locally, can save energy, is green and environmentally friendly, and does not produce harmful substances. It is possible to process a specific part of the workpiece (quenching profile), frequency control and heating times. Cooling control is possible. Energy saving, no physical contact, controlled and positional heating. Can be integrated in the production line to improve performance and save space.

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Technical parameters of GP-100 high frequency induction heating machine

Input voltage

Three phase 380V/50-60Hz

Input current


Output power


Oscillation frequency


Load rate


Cooling water pressure


Cooling water flow


Applications of GP-100 high frequency induction heating machine

  • Heating: after heating, the workpiece is plastically deformed by punching and forging to obtain certain mechanical properties.

  • Welding: widely used for welding steel, copper, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys and other weldments with symmetrical shapes.

  • Quenching: it is suitable for quenching and tempering of various workpieces, such as induction hardening of bearings, gears, disks and other parts.

  • Annealing: it is suitable for annealing of welds after welding, bright annealing of wires, pipes and sheets, and annealing of stainless steel vessels after stretching.

  • Melting: suitable for heating and melting stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, gold, silver, aluminum, aluminum alloy and other metals and precious metals.

Video of GP-100 high frequency induction heating machine

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