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36KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

36KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

GP-36 induction heating equipment has constant current and constant power control functions, which greatly optimizes the metal heating process, realizes efficient and rapid heating, and fully exerts the product's superiority. The equipment has a number of self-protection functions: overvoltage, overcurrent, water shortage, overheating, high frequency, low frequency, phase loss protection, etc. If there is any manual error during operation, the machine will automatically alarm immediately to protect the life of the machine itself. The equipment can be equipped with remote control system equipment according to the actual use requirements of customers, and non-standard customization according to different workpieces. The machine can also work automatically under the external control system. This equipment is suitable for welding, melting, quenching and diathermy of small bars.

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Technical parameters of GP-36 high frequency induction heating machine

Input voltage

Three phase 380V/50-60Hz

Input current


Output power


Oscillation frequency


Load rate


Cooling water pressure


Cooling water flow


Applications of GP-36 high frequency induction heating machine

  • Welding: tool welding, copper pipe welding, hardware accessories welding, contact welding.

  • Quenching: quenching of small workpieces, quenching of automobile and motorcycle parts.

  • Annealing: metal tool annealing

  • Diathermy: diameter 8mm-10mm bar material diathermy

Video of GP-36 high frequency induction heating machine

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