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Aviation Industry

Some typical uses of induction heating in the aviation industry: induction brazing of fan blades and casing blades, induction brazing of various components for fuel systems, such as fuel connections, Induction brazing of various components in hydraulic systems, jet engines heating after welding and repairing of the shell and so on.
Induction technology plays a key role in helping manufacturers meet these demands. For example, induction melting is used in vacuum furnaces to produce single and polycrystalline turbine blades. Induction melting is also used in cold crucible (automatic crucible) solutions, resulting in titanium and aluminum (materials widely used in the aerospace industry) in extremely high purity. Proper preheating and postheating processes are critical to the aerospace industry as they are critical to maintaining component integrity and preventing metal fatigue and failure. Precise, repeatable, controllable and contactless heat transfer, induction is ideal for aerospace applications.

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