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Appliance Industry

White goods such as dishwashers and washing machines contain many heating elements that require brazing. Likewise, refrigerators and freezers contain many compressor parts that require brazing. Induction heating is also used for brazing taps (pipe to socket, threaded insert). Because induction heating is accurate, controllable and repeatable, strong, leak-proof and corrosion-resistant joints are obtained.

Brazing solutions for appliances typically include the following components: tube-to-tube with sleeve, condenser with capillary tubes, tube-to-block in distribution systems, tube-to-valve in distribution systems, compressor connections. Induction brazing is easier than traditional gas flame methods. You don't need insulation shielding. Workflows are faster and there is less risk of error. In addition, contemporary white goods include many plastic parts that are sensitive to melting, further facilitating the use of induction. However, brazing is not the only use of induction heating in the white goods industry. Induction is also used for hardening of compressor parts, shrinking of other parts and bonding of refrigerator bodies as well as paint curing and pipe welding.

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