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Renewable Energy

Induction heating is used in almost every part of a wind turbine: cable heating, base plate preheating before welding, tower foundation bolt heating, brazing elements in high voltage step-up transformers, brazing of high voltage cable ends, tower ring preheating before welding, Pitch bearing hardening, yaw motor and pitch motor stator casing heat shrinkable sleeve, bearing and slewing ring hardening, main shaft bearing and collar heat shrink fit, gearbox shaft and bearing hardening, generator bearing hardening, Brazing of stator and rotor windings, brazing elements in high voltage step-up transformers, gear hardening of yaw drives and slewing rings.

The International Energy Agency has laid out a global pathway to a green recovery focusing on reforms in energy production and consumption, recommending that wind and solar should be top priorities. There is widespread support from governments, activists and academia around the world to ensure that investments to lift countries out of the current recession are made in a way that combats global warming. This includes reducing fossil fuel use, as well as investing in clean transportation, renewable energy, green buildings, and sustainable business and financial practices. We are truly committed to doing our part to support this development with expertise and technology that will help make the manufacture and maintenance of turbines and other tools in the energy industry a clean and green process, and we are excited to see Key players in the field recognize the benefits we offer. The energy transition will continue to grow in importance as investors prioritize environmental, social and governance factors, and Zhengzhou Gou's is the ideal partner to assist and advise companies operating in the renewable energy sector.

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