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Horizontal Induction Hardening Machine Tool

Horizontal Induction Hardening Machine Tool

The horizontal induction quenching machine tool produced by Zhengzhou Gou's adopts a unique CNC system, which can compile and store a variety of quenching process programs according to different workpiece requirements. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence, automation, less oxidation, and less deformation. The control precision and automation are high, the workpiece quality is consistent after heat treatment, and the quenching hardening layer is consistent. There is no need for manual adjustment during the quenching process, and the equipment automatically completes the quenching, with high heating efficiency and low labor intensity.

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Technical parameters of horizontal induction hardening machine tool

Model LP-SK-600 LP-SK-1200 LP-SK-2000 LP-SK-3000
Max Holding Length(mm) 600 1200 2000 3000
Max Hardening Length(mm) 580 1180 1980 2980
Max Swing Diameter(mm) ≤500 ≤500 ≤500 ≤500
Work-piece Moving Speed(mm/s) 20~60 20~60 20~60 20~60
Rotation Speed(r/min) 40~150 30~150 25~125 25~125
Tip Moving Speed(mm/min) 480 480 480 480
Work-piece Weight(kg) ≤50 ≤100 ≤800 ≤1200
Input Voltage(V) Three phase 380V Three phase 380V Three phase 380V Three phase 380V
Total Motor Power(KW) 1.1 1.2 2 2.5
Hardening Quantity Each Time Single/Double Single Single Single

Applications of horizontal induction hardening machine tool

  • Suitable for quenching and tempering of various workpieces, such as induction quenching of crankshafts, gears, rollers, guide rails and other parts.

  • It has the functions of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, segmented continuous quenching, segmented simultaneous quenching, etc.

  • The CNC system or PLC and frequency conversion speed regulation system are used to realize workpiece positioning and scanning, and the PLC and induction power supply are connected to realize fully automated production.

Video of horizontal induction hardening machine tool

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