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100KW UHF Induction Heating Machine

100KW UHF Induction Heating Machine

The maximum unit power of GS-100 ultra-high frequency induction heating machine is designed to be 100KW. Using the latest full digital control circuit and touch screen. The operating system integrates a more powerful condition monitoring system, the wiring is reliable and stable, and the maintenance is simple. The equipment can be equipped with a variety of remote control methods, which greatly reduces the difficulty of automatic control.

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Technical parameters of GS-100 ultra-high frequency induction heating machine

Input voltage

Three phase 380V/50-60Hz

Input current


Output power


Output frequency


Load rate


Cooling water pressure


Cooling water flow


Applications of GS-100 ultra-high frequency induction heating machine

  • Brazing: jewelry, watch welding, fishing tackle, hardware and other products welding.

  • Heat treatment: carbide saw blade sawtooth welding, tool welding, heat treatment of carbide tools.

  • Thermal fit: motor rotor thermal assembly, tool handle thermal fit.

Video of GS-100 ultra-high frequency induction heating machine

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