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Aluminum melting by super audio frequency induction melting machine

Aluminum melting by super audio frequency induction melting machine

Going to the market to buy things, we will find a lot of aluminum products, such as clothes hangers, doors and windows, etc. How are these aluminum products formed? Anyone who understands its manufacturing process knows that the formation of aluminum products requires a series of complicated processes, such as melting and casting. In this series of processes, the most important process is smelting, and its quality is directly related to the quality of aluminum products. Aluminum smelting, a kind of equipment commonly used now is the ultrasonic induction melting machine.

The super-audio frequency induction melting machine is used for smelting heat treatment of aluminum, the smelting speed is very fast, which effectively avoids the occurrence of oxidation and decarburization, ensures the smelting effect, makes the smelted aluminum free of impurities and dust, and has a very high purity. Even better, the equipment has the advantages of fast start-up, high quality and low price, safety and reliability, long service life, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., and has been unanimously loved by everyone.

The super audio frequency induction melting machine is equipped with a number of temperature control and protection systems, which can monitor in real time the conditions of overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, lack of water, and lack of water during operation. If any situation occurs, the warning light will light up , and automatically power off to ensure the safety of the equipment. What's even better is that the equipment will not produce noise and dust during the working process, nor will it produce waste smoke and exhaust gas. It is quite environmentally friendly and very in line with the development trend of today's society.