Saving Energy Technology about Induction Heat Treatment

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Saving Energy Technology about Induction Heat Treatment

Nowadays, natural resources have been consumed with a astonishing speed because of industrial production and human's daily life. Meanwhile, the natural environment that we survive on has been continuously polluted and destroyed. Therefore, saving energy and protecting environment become today's quite urgent affairs. And how to realize the maximization of production benefits under the premise of environmental protection is also the most important problem for industrial enterprises have to solve.

According to related statistics, the annual GDP of heating treatment enterprises in China is one twenty-sixth of the United States'. While our country's power consumption is 40% more than American. Nowadays, effective utilization of heating treatment enregy ought to be our heating treatment researchers' urgent mission. Scientific production and energy management is the most potential reason to utilize natural resources effectively. Ensuring full load production and bring induction heating equipment's superiority into full play is one of the scientific management's goals. Nowadays, specialized production mode that researched and developed by Zhengzhou Gou's Induction Heating machine Company has been proved as a very effective energy conservation measure.

Advantaged industrial countries start from the angle of resource usage rate and production cost, and make a reasonable choice about electricity and fuel for a single and secondary energy deployment. At the same time, these countries accumulate plentiful experience on the aspects of heating treatment energy constructions and fully usage of waste heat. More than 95% heating treatment furnaces of our engineering industry are very unconscionable. Under the condition of natural gas resources are fully available, heating treatment energy structure have to adjust and change. Induction Heating treatment equipment has great saving energy potential in the fields of model selection, constructure and employ. Apparently, there are lots of mature experience being worthy of our study and emulation.

Except for learning foreign countries' advanced technology and experience, we should also pay more attention to our own indnuction heating treatment technique's development, carry out enough research and investigation actively and adopt advanced induction heating equipment to process our workpieces. Only in this way, can we protect our mother earth carefully while guaranteeing our productions' quality and realizing economic benefit's maximization. Zhengzhou Gou's Induction Heating Equipments adopt German Siemens advanced technology, regard IGBT power modle, main board, panel, control panel and the power supply board as its own core components.

This greatly ensures our induction heating machines are able to operate continuously and steadily for a long time. And for this reason, our equipments possess advanced quality and performance that improve related users' productional efficiency and reduce productional cost. Meanwhile, Zhengzhou Gou's induciton heating equipment need less productional materials and energy than traditional machines, which greatly save natural resources and protect our environment.