Requirements for Rectifier in Induction Hardening Machine

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Requirements for Rectifier in Induction Hardening Machine

Rectifier is an important part of the induction hardening equipment, and its role is to convert AC power into DC power. In the machine, the load of the rectifier is the inverter. The following are the rectifier requirements.

(1) It should provide the required DC power for the load, in order to meet the induction heating process requirements. And the output DC voltage must be continuously adjustable;

(2) Current-type inverter requires rectifier output current is continuous, and the current ripple coefficient is small, which should use reactor filter; and voltage-type inverter is required that rectifier output voltage is stable and the voltage ripple is small, which should use the capacitor filter.

(3) In the event of load short circuit or inverter subversion, you must take protective measures. Voltage-type and current-type inverter requires that the rectifier feed back the energy stored in the circuit components back to the grid. And the voltage-type inverter requires the rectifier to immediately stop working.

(4) The machine requires rectifier circuit in the heating load changes can automatically limit the output voltage and current value, and has the system over-current and over-voltage protection.

(5) It is required to make the load balance of the power supply grid as much as possible and harmonic interference is small.

Commonly used rectifier circuit has many forms, but only three-phase full control or unregulated bridge rectifier circuit can meet the above requirements, and it's simple and economical. In the high-power induction heating power supply, in order to reduce the harmonic interference, there are 12-phase rectifier circuit. If you want to know more detailed information about it, you need to contact our company's professional and technical personnel.