Flate Surface Hardening Process in Induction Heating Machine

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Flate Surface Hardening Process in Induction Heating Machine

Flate surface hardening process in induction heating machine is mainly to improve hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece a flate or the overall. My company specializes in the production of induction heat equipment and induction hardening machine tool used in flate surface quenching. And its hardened layer meets the different hardening requirements of 0.8-6mm and the deformation is small.

Compared to other heat equipment, our machine is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It uses Siemens IGBT as the main device of the new circuit control, which is fundamentally different from the intermediate frequency heating machine with the SCR as the main device. And its quenching transformer uses ferrite core, and the output voltage of induction hardening coil is the safety voltage.

Induction hardening coil is made according to cross sections of different planes, generally made of copper tube. If necessary, it can be installed on the magnet, so it uses the magnetic circuit of the gap effect to scan the flate for continuous surface quenching. There are evenly distributed water spray holes at the same time in induction hardening coil. While scanning and heating, scanning water cooling for flate induction quenching is being carried out at the same time.