• Effect of electromagnetic stirring device on aluminum furnace
    1, Since electromagnetic stirring is non-contact agitation, there is no contamination of the melt during the agitation process, which is of great significance for smelting high-purity aluminum and aluminum alloy.
  • Gear shaft peeling failure analysis and preventive measures
    Overheating occurs in the quenching and heating of the gear shaft. After quenching, coarse martensite needles and a large amount of retained austenite are produced.
  • Characteristics of ion nitriding process for cast iron dies
    The ion nitriding process of cast iron and steel is basically the same, but according to the characteristics of ion nitriding of cast iron material, the ion nitriding process used has its own characteristics.
  • Auto leaf spring heat treatment process and specification
    The automobile leaf spring is an elastic element. When deformed under load, the pieces slide relative to each other to generate friction and friction at the ends of the support, which can promote the attenuation of the frame vibration. Howev
  • Surface Quenching of Gears
    Gears suitable for gear surface quenching, including medium carbon structural steel and medium carbon alloy structural steel gears, low carbon structural steel and low carbon alloy structural steel by carburizing or carbonitriding gears. The
  • Heat treatment stress and its classification
    The heat treatment stress can be mainly divided into thermal stress and tissue stress. The heat treatment distortion of the workpiece is the result of the combined action of thermal stress and tissue stress. The state of heat treatment stress in the workpiece and its effect are different. Internal stress caused by uneven heating or cooling is called thermal stress; internal stress caused by unequality of tissue transition is called tissue stress. In addition, the internal stress caused by the un
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