• Hypoid gear press quenching process-3
    3. Part result inspection According to the above debugging results, adjust the parameters (see Table 3) and re-commission the parts. After the commissioning is completed, the quenching structure, the effective hardened layer depth and the deformation of the part are thoroughly tested.
  • Hypoid gear press quenching process-2
    2. Process difficulties and program discussions
  • Hypoid gear press quenching process-1
    Hypoid gears (see Figure 1) are used to transmit motion and power between two intersecting or phase-shifted axes and are the basic components for achieving intersecting, phase-shifted shaft motion. It is widely used in vehicles, airplanes, machine tools and various mechanical products due to its advantages of large coincidence, high load carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, stable transmission and low noise.
  • Principle of induction heating
    1.induction heating physical basis: put the metal conductor in the coil with alternating current, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, under the action of alternating magnetic field, it can produce induction current (eddy current) in the conductor, contrary to the direction in the coil but are of same size and frequency. The method by using the induced current in the conductor to make heating is called "induction heating”.
  • Introduction to water quenching device for seamless steel tube-9
    2.Removable external spray device 3.Adjustable nozzle for spraying water in quenching device 4.Sprocket type walking beam conveyor
  • Introduction to water quenching device for seamless steel tube-8
    Four: Equipment features This water quenching device adopts the method of "rotation + external drenching + internal spraying", and combines several technical patents, so that the depth of hardened layer of the steel pipe after quenching, the straightness of the pipe body and the pipe end can reach higher requirements. Specific technical features are as follows:
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