Small Quantity Copper Induction Melting

2018-07-24 10:59
Small Quantity Copper Induction Melting

When you need a machine for melting small amounts of copper, our induction melting furnace is one of the most suitable options. Because it has the characteristics of high efficiency, no pollution, low energy consumption and low oxidation, copper melting has very good effect with this furnace.

The video of induction melting furnace for melting copper shows the better induction melting process. When melting copper, a suitable amount of graphite crucible is required. As the graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, copper smelting is more efficient. For a small amount of copper smelting, our equipment will be equipped with the corresponding size of the induction coil, which is designed specifically and its installation is easy.

In induction melting of copper, the melting speed is very fast, which can greatly improve the production efficiency.This furnace has the function of electromagnetic stirring, therefore, the use of this melting furnace for copper smelting is conducive to reduce scum and impurities in order to improve the purity of copper smelting. Moreover, the operation of the machine is very convenient and the performance is stable.