Small Gold Smelting of Super Audio Frequency Induction Melting Machine

2018-07-24 10:53
Small Gold Smelting of Super Audio Frequency Induction Melting Machine

When the small gold smelting quantity is generally between 10kg to 100kg including silver and copper smelting, it is better to choose our super audio frequency induction melting machine. Under the same conditions, this machine can save about 40% energy and 30% water than the SCR IF machine. In smelting, the temperature rises quickly, and the solution has high purity without impurities. The furnace's temperature is low. Moreover, the heating environment becomes very excellent.

The machine uses IGBT transistors, which is more advanced and more stable than MOSFET transistors and the old-fashioned electronic heating tube in performance. It can ensure 100% of fast start. Even at full load, it also can ensure that the equipment will continuously work within 24 hours.

For small gold smelting quantity under 10kg, it can be carried out in the crucible. As for more than 10kg of gold smelting, it can be completed in the automatic dumping furnace. So it can greatly simplify the manual operation, easy to carry out a variety of processing after smelting.

While using the method of induction heating metal at high temperature, smelting process does not produce open flames, no industrial sewage and no whistle noise. And the furnace is equipped with automatic cooling water circulation system. Therefore, when the equipment is in running, the cooling water system can automatically run to ensure that the furnace body is always in low temperature. So the workers do not have to endure the pain of high temperature operation.