Super Audio Frequency Induction Heating Generator for Melting Silver

2018-07-24 10:53
Super Audio Frequency Induction Heating Generator for Melting Silver

We may not know about the workpiece quenching, heat and other heat treatment process, but speaking of the melting of metals, we are familiar with it. In the past, for the melting and other heat treatment methods of metal, most need the burning of coal, oil and other fuels to heat metal for melting. However, now this approach is being phased out, the induction melting has replaced it, which is the use of super audio induction heating genetator to smelt silver with induction heating principle.

Melting silver often uses the equipment, and this equipment has many advantages of fast heating speed, even heating temperature and others. And this machine will not produce noise, dust, etc., greatly improved the working environment. The high frequency heating machine is used for the metal smelting, which adopts IGBT solid-state inversion technology. So that it is high-efficiency and energy-saving with large output power. Besides, it can work for 24 hours, greatly improving the work efficiency.

This machine can melt not only for the precious metal, but also for a variety of alloy. What's more, the machine can also be used for quenching, welding and other heat treatment on the workpiece with a wide range of applications. And the equipment itself has over-voltage, over-current, overheating, lack of water and other alarm instructions, making the device with automatic control and protection, which greatly increased the service life.