Precious Metal Induction Melting

2018-07-24 08:48
Precious Metal Induction Melting

Precious metal generally refers to gold, silver and other kinds of metal elements, which is known of the bright color and chemical resistance to strong resistance. In daily life, the gold and silver we often contact with are mostly in the form of jewelry. Because gold and silver jewelry's hot sales led to the rapid development of precious metals processing industry. In fact, a variety of shapes and sizes of gold and silver jewelry must be smelted to melt into liquid metal, and then needs the mold to get a corresponding appearance shape.

According to our decades of work experience, we recommend the use of high frequency induction heating furnace for the melting of precious metals. Why is it? This is because this heating furnace has fast heating speed, and can smelt for small to several kilograms, up to several hundred kilograms of precious metals. And the equipment's output power is adjustable, and can adapt to melting requirements of different production and different heating rate.

This furnace can be used with our dumping furnace together. And the dumping furnace can be automatically turned and dumped, so that the operation is very convenient, simplifying the manual operation. And it also can greatly improve precious metal smelting production at the unit time, to obtain high working efficiency.