Iron Smelting

2018-07-24 10:52
Iron Smelting

At the beginning of this month, our international trade commissioner received inquiries from Bangladesh. Customers asked us about iron smelting equipment, and required that the output is 10 kilograms per furnace. Therefore, we recommended our customers for the medium frequency melting furnace. Our trade with Bangladesh is very frequent, so the trade terms are also quickly reached a consensus. In the end, the customer not only purchased one of our smelting furnace, but also bought our automatic dumping furnace to make the use more efficient.

For small smelting, a suitable crucible is generally used in it. The crucible conducts heat through the induction coil and rapidly melts the metal in the crucible. But the smelting for this 10kg of iron, we generally recommend customers to use dumping furnace to make heating faster and the mixing performance is better, so the metal heating will be uniform and the metal has high purity. Under the same conditions, smelting furnace with induction heating method can save 30% energy than the SCR, and the production has improved significantly.

Smelting industry has always been considered a serious industrial pollution in an area, but the application of induction heating will greatly improve the phenomenon. Because our melting furnace in the smelting process has no open flame, no noise, no dust particles and no sewage. And the whole process is at low temperature, so the heating environment is superior and can enhance the company's image.