Medium Frequency Heating Generator for Smelting 10KG Iron

2018-07-24 10:55
Medium Frequency Heating Generator for Smelting 10KG Iron

Three days ago, we received a message from customers in Bangladesh, and they consulted us if we could supply the smelting equipment for 10KG iron. Our company has a variety of models of medium frequency heating equipment, so we recommended 60KW medium frequency heating equipment for our customers according to their melting requirements. This machine can use the way of induction heating for metal melting. The temperature is warmed fast and the iron has high purity.

And the equipment is generally divided into medium frequency induction heating generator and transformer. The transformer can be connected with the induction coil to melt iron within the crucible. And it can also be connected to our automatic dumping furnace to achieve the iron smelting of 10KG or more. Dumping furnace can also be used with automatic mixing device, so that metal smelting is more uniform with less impurities, no fire, no noise and no industrial wastewater. And the production process is environmentally friendly.

The equipment has many temperature control systems, so in the operation it can be used for real-time monitoring of the overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, under water, etc. if there is any situation, the warning lights will light up to remind the workers to perform repairs, to ensure the safety of equipment.