Copper Rod Induction Melting

2018-08-22 13:40
Copper Rod Induction Melting

Last month, we received an email from the Iranian customer and asked us if we could provide copper rods melting equipment. According to the customer's melting requirements, we recommend to our customers our induction melting furnace. This machine uses induction heating way to melt copper rods, and it is heating up quickly. And the purity of the melt is very high.

The equipment is generally divided into power and transformer, and the transformer can be connected with induction coil for small copper rods smelting in crucible. Sometimes, it can also be connected to our automatic dumping furnace to achieve more than 10KG copper rods smelting. The dumping furnace can also be used with automatic mixing device, so that copper rod smelting is more uniform and has less impurities.

In induction melting process, there is no open flame, no noise and no industrial sewage. The machine for copper rods melting has temperature control system. So it can achieve real-time monitoring of overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, lack of water and so on in the process.