Aluminum Scrap Induction Melting

2018-07-24 10:59
Aluminum Scrap Induction Melting

Small induction melting furnace is an all-in-one machine, which can be used in small metal melting, such as small induction melting of gold, copper, silver, aluminium, iron, etc. If aluminum scrap smelting capacity is very small, this machine is very suitable for its melting process.

When aluminum scrap is put into the melting crucible of the melting furnace, aluminum scrap is heated quickly and begins to slowly redness. Through adjusting the induction heating time and power, we can see that the temperature has reached the melting point of aluminum and then aluminum scrap is smelted into viscous solution within two minutes.

In melting, we can use thermocouple or thermometer to test the heating temperature. Because the temperature is very high, this induction melting machine should be equipped with suitable water chiller for timely cooling, which can effectively protect the equipment and induction coil. This melting process shows that this machine has the advantages of high efficiency and good smelting effect.