Aluminum Chip Induction Melting

2018-07-24 10:57
Aluminum Chip Induction Melting

Aluminum chip melting has a lot of smelting methods. Induction melting is a relatively environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient smelting way. Our induction melting machine can be used in gold, aluminum, copper and other metal melting. Aluminum chip induction melting can be complete by this furnace.

If you smelt a small amount of aluminum chip, you only need to put a small crucible in the induction coil. When the amount of smelting is large, our smelting equipment needs a tilting furnace. Among them, the crucible is placed in the automatic dumping furnace for melting, which is easy to the specific operation after melting. At the time of melting, the aluminum chip is quickly melted in the crucible into the melt.

During the induction heating process, our equipment's display panel will show the specific heating time timely on the screen. Moreover, our equipment can be equipped with automatic temperature measurement device, so you can always check the heating temperature.

Through the detection, you can find that the melt purity after aluminum smelting is very high to meet the customer's melting requirements. The principle of this furnace is the application of electromagnetic induction heating, so induction heat treatment process will not produce pollution. According to the customer's smelting needs, we will recommend different types of smelting equipment for customers.