Induction Heating Machine for Steel Bars Heating

2018-07-24 10:16
Induction Heating Machine for Steel Bars Heating

The steel bars are heated and then forged to get some forgings. After further molding and processing of these forgings, you can get the steel parts with a certain mechanical properties. So steel bars induction heating is is a very important process in production of steel parts.

As for steel bars heating, induction heating machine can be used to heat multiple steel bars at the same time. And these steel bars can be heated quickly and evenly in the customized induciton heating coil. This machine and induction coil can be designed according to the induction heating requirements of steel bars.

Because this machine for induction heating steel bars uses IGBT module with high technology and reasonable design, the induction heating process of steel bars has the advantages of high quality, high efficiency, no pollution and easy operation. In addition to that, steel bars heating temperature and time can be precisely controlled by this machine.