Hot Rolling Steel Ball Induction Heating

2018-07-24 10:13
Hot Rolling Steel Ball Induction Heating

In few years, Zhengzhou Gous, independent search and development, completed domestic hot rolling steel ball heating production line with 400kw induction heating equipment. And then our company constantly produced 600kw, 800kw, 1000kw…2500kw complete set of equipment. In this way, Zhengzhou Gous became a production manufacturer for hot rolling steel ball equipment with power of 160kw to 2500kw, frequency of 500Hz to 8000Hz. And heating diameter is fromΦ19 toΦ150 while length of steel bar 6 to 9m. According to our customers’ requirement, PLC with closed-loop control can be available during automatic heating production line. With this advance technology, temperature can be adjusted automatically and power can be moved on according to the machines’ speed.

Impact toughness is as high as 12 ~ 35g / cm3, the proportion is up to 7.8 ~ 7.85g / cm3. High and uniform hardness is up to 60~67HRC. Internal and external hardness balance while its hardness difference is less than 5HRC.

With low wear rate and long life, heated steel ball is twice to fifth as present casting steel ball or forging steel ball and the price is quite. Forming only one time. Geometric tolerances are small and its quality ia stable. Being environmental with lower consumption, no pollution, low labor intensity and small production cost.

Stable quality and superior mechanization! With better hardness and good hardenability, the ball will not be deformed, good wear resistance up to 12-35J / cm2 and broken rate less than 1%. Because of automatic production with high efficiency, large output, production mechanization of rolling ball and high degree of automatio, there is low human factors. Strong substitution! Any advantages of general steel ball can be available and high quality is obtained after it is heated.