Cylinder Liner Induction Heating

2018-07-24 10:05
Cylinder Liner Induction Heating

Cylinder liner is set in cylinder barrel of the cylinder, which can form the combustion chamber with the piston and cylinder cover together. In order to meet the needs of the work, the cylinder liner sometimes need to carry out heat treatment. Cylinder liner heating uses mostly super audio frequency induction heating machine, and the heating effect is very good.

Cylinder liner heating is for the overall heating from outside to inside, and it makes a sufficient preparation for the next process of the cylinder liner heat treatment. As for the cylinder liner with the heating equipment for heating, this will have to be based on the specifications of the cylinder liner, the heating time the customer requires and other specific circumstances.

The machine adopts IGBT solid-state inverter technology, so it's effective and energy-saving with high output power. When it is heated for the cylinder liner, the heating rate is very fast. So fast heating rate will effectively reduce its oxidation in the heating process and decarburization will be smaller, to ensure the heating effect of the cylinder liner.

And the machine in the workpiece heat treatment, it can not only be for the overall heating of the workpiece, the workpiece can also be based on customer requirements for local heating to meet different customers' needs. Besides, this equipment will not produce some noise and dust, in order to greatly improve the working environment of workers.