Bars Induction Forging Machine for Fastener Heating

2018-07-24 10:15
Bars Induction Forging Machine for Fastener Heating

Fasteners are also known as standard parts, which are the generic term for a class of mechanical parts that are used when two or more parts or components are fastened together. It is characterized by a variety of specifications, performance, many uses, and standardization. And the degree of generalization is very high. Fasteners are the most widely used mechanical base pieces and are in great demand.

The metal bars are heated and then forged to achieve the fasteners with the desired sizes and shapes. Fastener induction heating can be completed well by bars induction forging machine. During induction heating, the local part of fastener can be heated accurately and fast in induction heating coil of this machine.

What's more, the heating temperature of its surface and its heart is almost the same with this forging machine. And there is almost no oxide on the surface of the fastener. At the same time, the obtained fastener after induction heating and forging has good mechanical properties.