Steel Rebar Induction Heat Treatment Production Line for Steel Wire

2018-07-24 15:11
Steel Rebar Induction Heat Treatment Production Line for Steel Wire

Our steel rebar induction heat treatment production line combines the experience of rolled ribbed steel field production to produce a new high-ductility rolled ribbed steel bar production line. It has advanced rolling technology, temperature control technology, CNC flying shearing and automatic take-line functions with a high degree of automation.

The entire production line includes induction heating machine, pay-off frame, butt welding machine, rolling mill, straightening machine, derusting device, flying shear, turning rack, water chiller, etc.

Rolling of the steel rebar is hot and cold rolling in two ways. Our equipment can be applied to both rolling methods. When the steel is cold-rolled, the production process mainly includes putting wire, welding wire, rust cleaning, rolling, straightening, induction heating, flying shearing, turning over the material, automatic aligning and pneumatic packing.

However, the steel bars are in the hot rolling, the difference from cold rolling is as follows: steel wire after rust cleaning need to go through straightening, induction heating, rolling, the second induction heating, followed by flying shearing. The next is the same as cold rolling. The cold rolling temperature is between 500 and 600 degrees Celsius and the hot rolling temperature is about 1000 degrees Celsius.

The entire production line is reasonable in structure, has the features of simple operation, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and high production efficiency. It has a digital display counter, alarm device, so it has the advantages of accurate and reliable counting. After the steel rebars produced in this production line has the high strength and good extensibility, and fully meet the mechanical properties of steel rebar. And the steel bars have high dimensional accuracy.