Shaft Induction Heat Treating by Induction Hardening Equipment

2018-07-24 15:10
Shaft Induction Heat Treating by Induction Hardening Equipment

Some shafts are subject to great friction, so their wear is very serious. In the production,  they are usually required to have high hardness, high wear resistance, high compressive properties and high anti-fatigue ability. In order to meet these requirements, these shafs need to be carried out induction hardening and tempering heat treating, and the heat treatment effect is good.

And this shaft induction heat treating process can be finished by induction hardening equipment. Moreover, the sensor is made based on the size of the torque bar to ensure that the uniformity of the shaft induction heat treating. After induction heat treatment, its strength and toughness are relatively high to meet the needs of the work.

The equipment has a unique line design and the use of the power module unit constitutes a system. Even if the individual power module unit damage will not cause the interruption of work, so that the reliable operation of the equipment has been substantially improved. And the equipment can be adjusted the induction heating time to control the heating temperature to a point, effectively ensuring the accuracy of heating temperature.