Mining Bit Heat Treating in Square Steel Induction Heating Power Supply

2018-07-24 08:50
Mining Bit Heat Treating in Square Steel Induction Heating Power Supply

Induction heating power supply can be applied to induction heat treating process of mining bits, including induction forging, normalizing, machining, induction brazing, induction hardening, cleaning and anti-corrosion treatment. Because this machine can make the bits after induction brazing without direct cooling by air, to avoid the problem of secondary heating. And it also improves the overall mechanical properties of the teeth.

Throughout induction heat treatment production line, mining bits are placed in the corresponding fixtures in an orderly manner and are conveyed automatically by the conveyor belt into the area to be processed. The bits  have to carry out induction forging, normalizing and machining.

In the induction brazing, the carbide sheets has been accurately installed on mining bits through the pneumatic device, and then bits are sent to the induction coil of the machine for induction brazing. Then, the mining bits are carried out induction hardening process. After the quenching, bits continue the cleaning and anti-corrosion treatment.

Our equipment can heat mining bits very quickly, which can be equipped with temperature measuring devices, conveying devices, chillers, etc. In addition, this machine can be used with other equipment to complete the entire induction heat treating process. Moreover, minning bits after processing have high quality.