Worm Shaft Quenching in Super Audio Frequency Heating Machine

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Worm Shaft Quenching in Super Audio Frequency Heating Machine

Worm shaft is a workpiece having one teeth or more helical teeth and engaged with the worm wheel to form an alternating shaft gear. And it is usually used in cars and motorcycles. Worm shaft's quality is a key factor to ensure the safety of vehicles running. In order to improve the quality, hardness and wear resistance of it, many manufacturers use super audio frequency heating machine for its quenching heat treatment to meet the work requirements.

The test found that the service life of the worm shaft after quenching is twice as long as that of non hardenening worm shaft, and the hardness is also greatly improved. Our equipment uses advanced IGBT modules. When the worm shaft is quenched, the heating speed is very fast, which avoids oxidation and decarburization caused by the contact with the air. Thus the quenching effect of the worm shaft is better with less oxidation and decarburization after quenching. And its core can maintain good plasticity and toughness.

Our heating equipment can be used with CNC quenching machine, thermometer and time relay together to ensure the accuracy of the worm shaft quenching temperature and quenching quality and to achieve a mechanized production, greatly improving the customer's production efficiency. So customers no longer have to worry about the completion of a production index.