Stapler Cartridge Induction Hardening

Author:Lydia WangTime:Aug 22, 2018
Stapler Cartridge Induction Hardening

Staplers are commonly used in our daily work and life, mainly for stapling paper. Because the end of stapler cartridges needs to be pressed to achieve the purpose of stapling the paper in use. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of the end. The material at the end is generally magnetic steel. Induction hardening of its ends by induction hardening machine increases the hardness and wear resistance of its ends.

Because the shape of the end of the stapler is special, we need to customize the induction heating coil according to the size and shape of its end and other requirements for induction quenching. The entire heating temperature is generally between 760℃ and 870℃. Our induction hardening equipment can heat up quickly and can locally heat and cool its ends. In order to improve the quenching quality, it is generally cooled by quenching oil medium.

The quenching efficiency is very high, and every piece only takes 4 seconds to complete the hardening. Because the protection system of the machine is perfect, the processing precision is high and the stability is strong, the quenching effect at the end of the stapler is very good, and the operation is also very safe.