Stabilizer Bar Induction Quenching

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Stabilizer Bar Induction Quenching

Stabilizer bar, also known as anti-roll bar, is an auxiliary suspension element in the car's suspension. Its role is to prevent the car from tipping over and to improve ride comfort of the car. The stabilizer bar is made of spring steel in the shape of a "U". To improve the service life of the stabilizer bar, it should be carried out induction quenching heat treatment by induction heating machine. So that it can improve hardness, wear resistance and fatigue of stabilizer bar.

Our worker has done experiments about stabilizer bars by duction hardening machine for many customers. In experiment, the white cloth on the inductor is asbestos fabric, which is to prevent the inductor from colliding with the workpiece and resulting in sparking. Next, we will make the furnace outside the induction coil. And raw material of the heating furnace is refractory mud, so the furnace plays the role of insulation.

Stabilizer Bar Hardening in Induction Heating Machine

Our induction heating equipment for stabilizer bars quenching is easy to operate and heats up quickly. In just a few minutes, the stabilizer bar has completed the induction hardening process. The figure above shows induction quenching stabilizer bar in the test.

In it, we can see that there is almost no oxide layer on the surface of the stabilizer bar and the induction heating is very uniform. The protection system of induction hardening machine is perfect, and it has the features of no pollution and no noise, so customers were satisfied with the machine.