Sawtooth Induction Hardening by Induction Heating Power Supply for Rivet

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Sawtooth Induction Hardening by Induction Heating Power Supply for Rivet

The saw blade is a steel strip with the tooth blade. Saw blades mainly contain bimetallic saw blade, carbonized sand saw blade, carbon steel saw blade, high speed hacksaw and so on. Among them, the high-speed hacksaw is mainly used in cutting pipe, solid body, wood, plastic, machinable metal, etc. Saw blade hardness higher than other high-speed steel. And manufacturers also have certain requirements on the hardness of the sawtooth. Therefore, sawtooth induction quenching by induction heating power supply for rivet plays a role in improving its hardness.

Our induction heating machine is simple in structure, easy to operate and can realize fast heating. The transformer on the machine is equipped with a specially designed induction coil for the sawtooth, so the sawtooth is machined more precisely. Moreover, the machine can be placed the matched tooling under the induction coil. The operator can advance the entire saw blade fixed to achieve induction heating while translating the saw blade. This facilitates continuous heating and water cooling of the entire saw blade.

The whole series of equipment has a higher degree of automation. The sawtooth on the whole saw blade can be heated and cooled evenly, and the processing speed is fast. When we test the hardness of sawtooth after quenching with the hardness tester, it exactly meets the hardness requirements.