Industrial Jaw Teeth Induction Hardening

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Industrial Jaw Teeth Induction Hardening

In industry, many metal parts need to be quenched in order to improve the hardness of workpiece surface. And industrial jaw teeth hardening can be carried out by induction heating machine. So that they are more durable with longer service life.

The jaw teeth is made of carbon steel and the materials are offered by the customer. Since the jaw teeth is smaller, its induction heating process should be finished quickly to avoid excessive heating phenomenon. What's more, the temperature of the workpiece is monitored timely during induction heating and induciton hardening. So the processing accuracy is very high.

The automation of induction quenching needs to be achieved by moving the workpiece up and down. And the induction coil is customized for the induction hardneing process of jaw teeth. Because of high quality and low price of this machine, the customers will save a lot of money. And this equipment is environmentally friendly and efficient, so it's very popular in induciton heat treatment industry.