Guiding Wheel Induction Hardening

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Guiding Wheel Induction Hardening

The guiding wheel is an important metal part of the machine. In the course of work, the guide wheel will withstand the huge friction. So we use induction heating machine for guiding wheel quenching heat treatment, in order to improve the hardness, wear resistance and service life of the guide wheel, and the induction hardening effect is very good.

After induction quenching, the surface of guiding wheel will have a layer of hardened layer about 2-3mm. And this hardened layer makes the guide wheel hardness and wear resistance greatly improved. The frequency of machine for induction hardening must be based on the diameter of the guide wheel.

While the machine is applied in the guide wheel induction quenching, the induction heating speed is very fast, effectively avoiding the oxidation and decarburization phenomenon in induction quenching proces to ensure that the guide wheel quenching effect. So that the guide wheel after induction hardening has higher anti-fatigue and breaking capacity to meet their work requirements.