Guide Rail Fitting Induction Hardening

Author:Lydia WangTime:Aug 10, 2018
Guide Rail Fitting Induction Hardening

The guide rail is an important part of the machine tool's freedom of movement. The constant movement of the machine tool determines that it must have sufficient hardness and will not be easily damaged. Therefore, the quenching of the machine guide rail and fitting is inevitable, which can improve its hardness, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the machine tool.

Induction heating machine can be used for guide rail fitting quenching. The fitting can be heated to a suitable temperature for a period of time and then immerses it into the quenching medium for rapid cooling. Commonly used quenching media are brine, water, mineral oil, air, etc. The quenching of guide rail fitting greatly improves its service life, the wear resistance and the damage resistance hardness, thereby improving the production efficiency of the machine tool to a certain extent.

During the induction hardening by induction heating equipment, the guide rail fitting remain stationary, and the transformer of the equipment automatically moves left and right with the fitting to complete induction heating and water spray cooling. The operation of the equipment is simple and the heating temperature can be precisely controlled. And the protection system is perfect and the operation is safer. The depth and hardness of the quenched layer of the guide rail meet the technical requirements. Its quenching deformation is less than 0.06mm.