Driving Wheel Induction Hardening

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Driving Wheel Induction Hardening

Driving wheel is a kind of forge piece, mainly used in the crane, port machine, overhead cranes, mining machinery, etc. Driving wheel after forging and molding is the part relatively easy to damage. According to the use of wheel characteristics, it's required a higher hardness on wheel tread, and have a certain depth of the hardened layer and the transition layer to improve the carrying capacity, wear resistance and resistance to contact fatigue performance. Therefore, many manufacturers of wheel production should be carried out after the quenching process after forging and molding of driving wheel.

As the driving wheel is generally required that quenching depth is greater than 1.2mm. Therefore, as for its hardening, we often recommend our customers for induction hardening machine. After quenched by the equipment, the hardness of the wheel is up to HRC40 to meet the production requirements. And the quality and service life have been greatly improved.

The entire control system of this machine is digital integration, and a variety of protection action speed is fast. And main components IGBT of the inverter is a permanent device, so it has few failures and the service life is relatively high. When the driving wheel is heated for induction hardening, the sensor is based on the specifications of the wheel, so we can choose a different quenching methods of the overall quenching, local hardening or scanning hardening according to the wheel size and quenching parts.