Double Shaft Induction Quenching

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Double Shaft Induction Quenching

Double shafts quenching can be carried out by induction heating machine. And this machine can simultaneously heat double shafts and then finish water cooling for induction hardening heat treatment. Therefore, it can improve the processing efficiency. Moreover, after quenching surface hardness values of the double shafts are in line with processing requirements.

The induction coil of this induction heating machine is specially customized according to the diameter of the shaft, length, quenching depth, heating speed, etc., in order to achieve rapid and uniform induction heating. In addition, the induction coil is equipped with water pipes and automatic spray device, so it can automatically complete the operation of water cooling on double shafts.

In general, the quenching temperature range is between 800℃ and 900℃. Our equipment can control the induction heating temperature of double shafts within a certain range to ensure accurate heating effect.

Our equipment can simultaneously heat the double shafts surface. When they are heated to a certain temperature, this machine will use the quenching water to achieve rapid water cooling on double shafts. If the diameter and length of shafts is very large, our equipment can be equipped with CNC induction hardening machine tool, to achieve efficient and automatic double-bit quenching.