Chain Induction Hardening

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Chain Induction Hardening

Chain is generally a metal chain or ring, which is used for mechanical transmission or traction. According to different uses and functions, chains have transmission chain, conveyor chain, traction chain and special chain. The chain is mainly to do mechanical transmission, therefore, it will withstand the huge friction. So it need heat treatment for improving its hardness and wear resistance.

After hardening, the chain surface hardness increases, and its anti-fatigue strength is significantly enhanced with longer life. In the chain quenching, its heating temperature can be precisely controlled according to the requirements of quenching depth. This equipment has a multi-closed-loop intelligent control system and a perfect protection system to ensure long-term safe and reliable operation of the equipment. It can operate 24 hours a day with high production efficiency.

The hardened layer of the chain is moderate and the quenching method is mobile spray quenching. It can set the heating time, stop heating and cooling time. The chain can be automatically and accurately down to the next hardening location. Throughout the chain of quenching process, the equipment is highly efficient, and the operation is very simple with high degree of automation. After the chain quenching, its surface hardness fully meet the requirements of manufacturers. As a result, chain after hardeing becomes more durable.