Big Crane Wheel Induction Hardening

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Big Crane Wheel Induction Hardening

The crane wheels are mainly used in casting cranes, feeding cranes for bins, handling cranes for slabs, etc. The crane wheels are made of cast steel or alloy steel and the working surface needs to be quenched. Quenching is an important part of the crane wheel forging process, preventing the crane wheels from deforming and increasing the local hardness.

Induction hardening equipment can be used for big cranee wheel quenching. The surface of cranee wheel can be quenched very accurately. And it is required to quench the wheels with induction hardening machine tool or tooling equipment together. The heating temperature and time can be precisely controlled, improving the quality of wheel quenching.

The entire production process is environmentally friendly without flames, smoke, harmful emissions and loud noise. This induction hardening equipment uses IGBT as the main device and has the features of perfect protection function, high reliability and high efficiency.