Oil Drill Pipe Quenching and Tempering

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Oil Drill Pipe Quenching and Tempering

Oil belongs limited resource, and its application is very wide. With the massive exploitation of oil, oil drill pipe is essential. In the mining process, it is often used to extract oil. And because it is often soaked in oil, it is easy to be corroded, which will cause cracks or fracture. These factors require that the oil drill pipe must have characteristics, including high strength, wear resistance, etc.

In order to achieve the desired excellent performance, oil drill pipe need the heat treatment of quenching and tempering by medium frequency induction heating furnace. Our company has been working with several oil companies at home and abroad, and we provided them with quenching and tempering equipment of the oil drill pipe. Therefore, this not only proves that the product's quality is very high, but also showed that we have a wealth of production experience about quenching and tempering process of the oil drill pipe.

As a result of the use of traditional normalizing heat treatment, the oil drill pipe is easy to be oxidized, even easy to break. Our company uses the new process of quenching and tempering, greatly enhancing the oil drill pipe's wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, improving its mechanical properties. This equipment is used in the production line with simple structure, simple operation, more scientific and efficient.