Induction Hardening Machine for Shaft Quenching and Tempering

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Induction Hardening Machine for Shaft Quenching and Tempering

To meet the work requirements, some shafts need to be carried out induction quenching and tempering to achieve high strength and high wear resistance. What's more, after induction quenching and tempering with induction hardening machine, these shafts have the features of long service life and high work efficiency, which will reduce cost of production.

In induction heat treating, the shaft should be heated and cooled fast for induction hardening and CNC horizontal induction hardening machine tool is suitable for long shaft induction quenching. Because our induction hardening equipment has IGBT moudle and hardening machine tool has CNC control system, the induction heating rate is very fast and the hardening process has high degree of automation when shaft is heated.

After induction hardening, our machine can continue to heat the shaft in a certain temperature for induction tempering. When the temperature is up to a required maximum temperature, the temperature is automatically kept for some time and then the shaft will be cooled in the air or in the cooling medium. Then, this shaft induction quenching and tempering process is finished.