Medium Frequency Induction Quenching and Tempering Production Line for Cylinder

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Medium Frequency Induction Quenching and Tempering Production Line for Cylinder

The engine is composed of two parts of cylinder block and cylinder head, which are connected with each other by bolts. Cylinder material should have sufficient strength, good casting and cutting, and the price is low, so the commonly used cylinder material is cast iron or alloy cast iron. However, the use of aluminum alloy cylinder is more and more common. Because the aluminum alloy cylinder has main features of light weight and good thermal conductivity, and cooling capacity can be reduced.

Medium frequency induction quenching and tempering production line of cylinder adopts the method of induction heating. The running speed, heating temperature and heating function of the cylinder are all controlled by PLC, which can form closed-loop control system. After quenching and tempering, the quality of the cylinder is obviously improved, and its strength, corrosion resistance and other properties have been significantly improved.

This production line is the automatic production line, and uses computer system control with only two or three employees. And it can realize real-time monitoring and display of parameters, as well as automatic fault prediction and alarm, to ensure the accuracy of the operation and processing safety. This production line can detect the temperature through the infrared thermometer, set the workpiece's heating temperature, and automatically adjust the power to improve the processing quality of the workpiece.