U-shaped Steel Clamp Induction Forging

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
U-shaped Steel Clamp Induction Forging

U-shaped steel clamp is a connecting fastener in U-shaped brackets, used for positioning a U-shaped steel bracket. U-shaped steel clamp is mainly used for supporting of the mountain tunnel, mine roadway and other fields. It's requireb to be stable and high-pressure with forming stability. Only to meet these characteristics, it can ensure that U-steel bracket connection is safe and reliable, so as to reduce the occurrence of security incidents and to ensure personal safety.

High frequency induction heating machine is used for forging U-shaped steel clamp, which can ensure high processing efficiency and high stability of hot-rolled molding, to obtain its high strength and high quality. U-shaped clamp processing should go through the election of materials, laying-off materials, hot-rolled (hot forming), drilling and other technology. Among them, its hot-rolled forming is a critical step.

U-shaped steel clamp can be uniformly heated in this machine. During the heating process, the internal and external surfaces of the entire workpiece are approximately equal in temperature. Our equipment, the induction coil and other configuration can be customized according to the size of workpiece, production, heating speed, heating temperature, etc. This equipment has the features of high efficiency, low power consumption and perfect protection. After processing of U-shaped steel clamp can withstand the pressure, and not easy to deformation with high strength.