Steel Plate Forging in Induction Forging Machine 50KW for Rod

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Steel Plate Forging in Induction Forging Machine 50KW for Rod

Steel plates after induction forging need to be thermally formed in order to get the required forgings. Therefore, the plasticity of the steel plate is very important. Our induction forging mahcine 50KW for rod can carry out the induction heating from the outside to the inside of the steel plate, and it can realize the effect of the same internal and surface temperature of the steel plate.

The volume of these steel plates is relatively small, so the two plates can be heated at the same time. Moreover, the steel plates are neatly placed in the automatic conveyor device, so that the entire induction heat treatment process will continue for 24 hours to improve the work efficiency. When this machine is in the induction heating of steel plate, its heating temperature can be controlled.

The heating temperature of the steel plate can be detected by an infrared thermometer to facilitate precise control of the heating temperature. After the induction heating, the steel plate molding is easier, so the pass rate of forgings is greatly improved. In addition, our equipment and induction coil can be customized for the customer's processing requirements.