Stainless Steel Tableware Induction Forging

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Stainless Steel Tableware Induction Forging

A stainless steel products Co., Ltd. in China is a foreign-owned enterprise invested and set up by the Koreans in China, mainly produces stainless steel Western-style tableware. All products are exported to Europe and America and other countries. They use our medium frequency forging equipment for the heat treatment of stainless steel tableware, and the quality is very good.

In fact, the formation of stainless steel tableware need to go through a series of complex processes, such as forging, molding, etc. Among them, forging is the most important, ans is the basis of forging work. Stainless steel tableware uses this equipment for forging heat treatment, and the sensor is made according to the specifications of the tableware. So it can realize the greatest degree of uniform heating so that there will no some parts without welding.

In addition, the device can be used in conjunction with the feeding device. After the tableware is heated, it goes through the feeding device directly to punching machine for pressing, to achieve the entire process of mechanization. Our equipment can be used not only for forging heat treatment of tableware, but also for different pieces of different heat treatment, so many companies are using it. Speaking of its heating effect, many people are full of praise for it.