Pliers Induction Forging

Author:Lydia WangTime:Jul 24, 2018
Pliers Induction Forging

Plier is a very common hand tool. It is mainly composed of three parts, specifically for the clamp mouth, clamp gills and handle. It is mainly used to clamp and fix parts or bend, twist, and cut metal wire and so on. According its main function points, pliers can be divided into pipe pliers, wire pliers, wire strippers, etc.

Pliers are usually made of carbon structural steel. It must be manufactured by forging, rolling, cutting and heat treatment. Among them, high frequency induction forging equipment can be used for diathermy heat treatment of plier. This device is for forging and forming heat treatment of the raw material of the plier, and finally it can also be carried out on its edge quenching, thereby enhancing the plier's strength and toughness to make it more durable.

Our equipment is controlled by the computer numerical system for heat treatment process, thus ensuring the stability of the equipment and it makes processing more convenient and accurate. When our equipment is forging on the pliers of the clamp mouth and clamp gills, the heating parts is heated fairly uniform, and the heating effect is particularly good. In addition, through the hot molding, the plier's surface is with no damage, no cracks and samll loss. After the entire heat treatment, plier's hardness and strength can be enhanced to ensure the stability in the work.